Fjord Digital Trends 2012 - Forecast Covering Tablets, Auto, Mobile, Banking, and More

Fjord Digital Trends 2012: Forecast Covering Tablets, Auto, Mobile, Banking, and More

Fjord released its digital trend predictions for 2012. With the digital landscape rapidly evolving, the new year will be a tipping point for emerging trends that will define and pave the way for future digital innovation.

Recent studies have found that smartphone ownership in the US has more than doubled over the past year, with 44% using their phones to go online in 2011. The increasing pervasiveness of mobile devices, coupled with the rising demand for mobile services means that we will see a number of trends emerging in 2012, all revolving around service design.

"As we move into a new era of pervasive mobile connectivity, service design becomes more imperative than ever," said Fjord CEO Olof Schybergson. "The role of the designer is to navigate and innovate within a digital world, and as a trend starts in the hand of the designer, nobody is better placed to comment on emerging digital trends for 2012 and beyond."

download: Fjord Digital Trends 2012.pdf (38MB)

Fjord Digital Trend Predictions for 2012

Enterprise Quake

Life and work will become more intertwined as tools migrate to the office.

From Social to Spatial

As social networking moves into the mobile world, the categories of location and time will grow in significance.

Say Hello to 24/7 Wearables

Connected wearables will be one of the hottest mobile trends of 2012 as wearable technology becomes a new mobile frontier.

An SOS From the (dis)connected Living Room

With connected TV gaining momentum in the coming year, television has changed forever, and there will be a battle amongst competitors to triumph in this space.

The Reinvention of Banking

As banking increasingly goes mobile, progressive banks will put customer value at the centre of their strategies.

Your Identity is the Currency

Privacy becomes currency as it is negotiated between people and companies in real time.

Payment Tail Wags the Retail Dog

As the very nature of payment evolves to a digital wallet model, retailers will adopt new tactics, including NFC and deeper loyalty schemes to communicate with and retain their customers.

Breaking Through the Glass

Voice and gestural input emerge to perform more functions, and we'll consequently see new ideas for services and business models emerge going far beyond touch.

Getting Behind the Digital Steering Wheel

The phone is poised to become the remote control for the connected car

The Transformational Tablet

In a post-PC world, the tablet will become the new tool for focus and innovation in business