WDC Helsinki 2012 Released Its Mobile App

WDC Helsinki 2012 Released Its Mobile App

The World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 app was released today, offering digital program listings, always up-to-the-minute and easy to carry around.

The WDC 2012 app was developed in cooperation with the WDC Helsinki 2012 partner Fjord. It is an excellent example of digital service design and also part of the official program.

"We wanted to create a service that suits all situations and all user groups, such as city residents and tourists. It is important for the users that the essential and up-to-date content is easily accessible," commented Olli Mannerkoski, Managing Director and designer of the specialist digital service design company Fjord. "This way, the WDC Helsinki 2012 comes close to the people and becomes part of their daily life. We paid special attention to simplicity and ease of use in the design, and I think we achieved a good end result."

The app also offers latest WDC Helsinki 2012 news, events map, and monthly calendar. The app comes in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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