One Prize 2011 - Water as the Sixth Borough

One Prize 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough

One Prize is an annual design and science award to promote green design in cities. One Prize 2011 turned its focus to New York and its waterways, re-imagining recreational space, public transportation, local industry, and native environment in the city.

The One Prize 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough competition received submissions from 256 people from 18 countries and 5 continents entered the competition.

Entrants drew inspiring proposals for the NYC Blue Network by expanding waterborne transportation and linking the five boroughs with a series of green transit hubs incorporating electric passenger ferries, water taxis, bike shares, electric car-share and electric shuttle buses as well as providing in-water recreation, water-oriented educational and cultural activities and climate resilience.

The winning teams further submitted proposals for New York City to host the world's largest cleantech event, E3NYC and establish the city as the ultimate green capital on the world.

One Prize 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough exhibition will be on view at the Center for Architecture from January 18 through February 11, 2012.

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