SVA Art in the First Person Lecture Series - Spring 2012

SVA Art in the First Person Lecture Series: Spring 2012

School of Visual Arts (SVA) announced the Spring 2012 Art in the First Person lecture series, 23 talks that bring together notable artists, critics, curators and historians for in-depth discussions on issues in contemporary art.

Offering a 360 degrees perspective on art today, speakers this season include: artists Susan Bee, Kathe Burkhart, Susan Hefuna, Milagros de la Torre and Carrie Moyer; critics Mark Dery, Max Kozloff, Bettina Mathes and Robert Storr; and historians Mary Ann Caws, Michèle C. Cone, Catharine Stimpson, Barbara Will and Anne Wagner.

Admission to all Art in the First Person events is free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

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