MOCA TV - The Museum of Contemporary Art to Launch Global Contemporary Art Channel

MOCA TV: The Museum of Contemporary Art to Launch Global Contemporary Art Channel

MOCA TV is a new global video channel for original contemporary art and culture programming, to be launched in July 2012.

MOCA TV will be part of YouTube's new original channels initiative, announced in October 2011, to bring around one hundred new original channels, created specifically for today's connected viewers, to its worldwide platform.

MOCA is the first contemporary art museum to associate with a major media company in an online video-programming venture of this scale, and MOCA TV is the first contemporary art and culture channel to be included in YouTube's new initiative.

"Contemporary art is the new international language, unifying leading creators across art, music, fashion, film and design," said MOCA Director and MOCA TV Channel Executive Jeffrey Deitch.

"MOCA TV will be the ultimate digital extension of the museum, aggregating, curating and generating the strongest artistic content from around the world for a new global audience of people who are engaged in visually oriented culture."

MOCA TV will feature original contemporary art programming, including art news from around the world, art and music, art and fashion, artists in the studio, artist video projects, the art market, street art, an interactive education series titled "MOCA University," and more.

MOCA TV will take the mission of the museum online as it presents contemporary art made by the defining artists of our time to a worldwide audience.


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