2012 - Dateline London

2012: Dateline London

2012: Dateline London is a major seminar on signing and wayfinding. With the world focused on London in 2012, this first international seminar to be held by the Sign Design Society will examine the way in which the City is responding to the navigation needs of those visiting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It will also show how the Games have provided a catalyst for strategic improvements through the City as a whole, together with legacy benefits including the regeneration of the eastern part of the metropolis. This is the first event ever to be held on similar themes.

The impressive line-up of speakers will include those directly involved in the planning and design of the wayfinding and accessibility strategies for the Olympic Park and the games themselves together with others who've had responsibility for preparing the city itself.

There will also be a historic perspective on the experience of both the Sydney and Vancouver Olympics, and a client-eye view of the benefits for pedestrians.

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