Designed in USA

Designed in USA

The Designed in USA brand certification mark is a new identifier and brand enhancer for goods, services and environments designed in the United States. It is now available for free use by members of the design community, business community and by leaders championing the design profession. The mark was created by RKS.

Designed in USA was created to enhance and broaden 'Made In' labeling now insufficiently reflective of the nation's role in 21st century creation, and in the process raise awareness of American design in all its forms, capitalize on perceived value, provide competitive differentiation and encourage optimism. Design's various disciplines (product, service, architecture, interior, interaction, communication, etc.) are a vital humanistic tool increasingly shaping the world.

The American design profession is increasingly an essential business resource, has an undeniable role in addressing change, and holds tremendous value to people, profits and the planet in addition to its role in economic development. The U.S. design profession is a global leader that helps create more successful products and services by boosting consumer attraction and experience, driving innovation and innovation processes, stimulating job creation inside and outside manufacturing, and much more.

"Better branding our design community is one simple but powerful step to make our voice and value better known," commented creator Ravi K. Sawhney, CEO of RKS Design, adding "I hope the creation and use of this brand will be a catalyst for a broader emergence of recognition, pride and optimism for the incredible things designers are creating every day in America because of our diversity, ingenuity and spirit."

"From Apple to Zipcar, creative design is at the heart of entrepreneurial success in the USA," explained Bill Moggridge, Director, Smithsonian/Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

"Design improves our lives, business competitiveness and our future," added Clive Roux, CEO of the Industrial Designers Society of America. "US design professionals are world leaders, and IDSA supports efforts to get people excited about its broader contribution to value creation for individuals, business and society in the future."

Businesses are invited to use the logo which design all, or virtually all, aspects of their offerings in the U.S.; have been operating domestically for 12 months, and are not the subject of any unsatisfactory rating from an applicable product/service rating company or government agency; and retain evidence to substantiate that designs are domestically produced with no, or negligible, foreign contribution.