metaio Introduces Augmented City Platform

metaio Introduces Augmented City Platform

metaio today unveiled plans to add 3D Object Tracking and Visual Search to its free mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development Kit, part of the Augmented City platform. metaio Mobile SDK v3.1 will assemble core technologies necessary for creating the most interactive and immersive AR experiences, such as the overlay of virtual information on building facades, city streets and almost any 3D real world object or device.

"At metaio, we are providing software at no charge to developers to build AR experiences that border on the science fiction" said Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO and Co-founder of metaio. "Developers have the opportunity to work with software that has been optimized by companies like ARM, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments to start building the next generation of AR applications, today."

The metaio Augmented City platform consists of a diverse and powerful selection of software across mobile, web and offline experiences that use industry-proven computer vision technology to insert 3D and digital information into the real world. Many existing AR platforms limit experiences to GPS mapping and the anchoring of graphics to simple, 2D surfaces; the platform offered by metaio is the only one commercially available that builds on these capabilities to deliver real-time tracking and recognition of entire 3D objects as well as a robust client-based Visual Search.

Version 3.1 of the metaio Mobile SDK gives developers access to award-winning computer vision technology that can go beyond simple product packaging. More than 10 years in development, metaio's technology can overlay information on city structures like buildings and billboards and complex 3D objects like printers, mechanical parts, and the product itself. Users will be able to interact with the everyday world like never before in experiences developed with metaio's software.

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