Eventually Everything - The 2012 D-Crit Conference

Eventually Everything: The 2012 D-Crit Conference

The 2012 D-Crit Conference, featuring graduating students of the SVA MFA in Design Criticism, and moderated by Change Observer co-editor Julie Lasky, will take place on May 2, 2012 at the Visual Arts Theatre in New York City.

This year's conference is comprised of four themed panels, each introduced by keynote speakers, including media historian Stuart Ewen; Pentagram partner Michael Bierut; 2x4 founding partner Michael Rock; cultural historian Jeffrey Schnapp; monologuist Mike Daisey; and Interboro Partners principal Daniel D'Oca.

Topics to be addressed include the absence of firearms in design collections, the persistence of an anti-ornament bias in architectural discourse, Main Street USA as rhetorical trope, and the need for designers to make repairable products.

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