Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love

Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love

In today's society, it seems like we're always in need of a plug socket to charge our computer, tablet or smartphone. Plug Lamp presents a solution to this everyday problem - a lamp with a bonus of an electrical socket.

The design studio Form Us With Love came up with a simple idea for atelje Lyktan, based on the new need in today's society of constantly needing to recharge computers and smartphones.

Besides giving you an electrical socket, the Plug Lamp also gives a pleasant aesthetic to the process of recharging. The integration also takes away that annoying process of searching for a socket or having to unplug something in order to access an electrical point.

The Plug Lamp has a bulbous shape and a base in molded and powder coated aluminum. The light itself is concealed by an opal glass shade and the lamp is dimmable.

Form Us With Love