Germany and Brazil 2013-2014 Identity by Thomas Manss and Company

Germany + Brazil 2013-2014 Identity by Thomas Manss & Company

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has launched the symbol for "Germany and Brazil 2013-2014" - a project that aims to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

The mark was developed by Thomas Manss & Company, a multidisciplinary design consultancy with offices in Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Cesena and London.

The mark promotes a series of events in all major Brazilian cities, masterminded by the confederation of German industry (BDI), they present an up-to-date image of Germany to a largely Brazilian audience.

The events focus on innovation and technology and the mark for the year long joint celebrations conveys the countries' ambition to develop a joint sustainable future.

The colourful ribbon is not only an appropriate symbol for this collaborative effort, with its joyful appearance, it also appeals to the inimitable zest of life its Brazilian audience is renowned for.

Thomas Manss & Company