UXUS Designs EVEN Hotels

UXUS Designs EVEN Hotels

UXUS won the global tender to create a new mid segment brand concept centering around Wellness. The main objective was to give form to the guest experience at each touch point along their journey, expressing the brand's purpose at every level.

Signature branded design features were developed to make this hotel concept stand out from a "sea of sameness" of competing brands in this segment, focusing on a conversion model for future roll-outs. EVEN hotels will fulfill the unmet demand for healthier travel by providing a destination where visitors can eat healthier, exercise, sleep and work better.

Unique features will include multifunctional room amenities for fitness, nutritionally designed menus and service, work friendly facilities and repose-conscious spaces - all features centering around Eat well, Rest well, Work better and exercise better. A "brand filter" methodology was used throughout the design process, applied to every detail from programming the space right down to fixture details, amenities, and material and color schemes.


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