Pimkie Color Forecast - Real Time Color Trends from Europe's Fashion Capitals

Pimkie Color Forecast: Real Time Color Trends from Europe's Fashion Capitals

Fashion brand Pimkie launched Colour Forecast, an inspirational digital tool that offers what colors people are wearing out on the streets in Europe's fashion capitals - Paris, Antwerp and Milan - and sharing this information, in real time, online.

The colors of the moment are directly linked to matched items of clothing from the Pimkie collections that consumers can buy online for home delivery or at one of the 756 Pimkie stores in Europe. The apparent simplicity of the idea is made possible by a new technology for the first time applied in a fashion and business context. High-speed digital cameras are feeding live streaming data 24/7 into the ColorTrack System, a bespoke and proprietary piece of business software, to identify the key trending colors of every minute.

The cameras are strategically placed in high footfall areas in the most fashion-conscious retail areas of each host city. The software anonymously scans in real time the colors that are being worn by people passing through the area and builds an instant and highly accurate info-graphical design of what people are wearing right now.

The Color Forecast website and app show the colors in a cool clear design with easy to read online graphics and color charts with user choice to show both historical as well as real-time data. So, if a user wants to know what has been trending in Paris in the last few minutes, days or weeks, Color Forecast gives them the fashion-insider view.

"Color Forecast is a distinctive and competitive way to inspire our digital native customers in their choice of fresh fashion," said Dorothee Braure, Marketing and Digital Director of Pimkie. "It is precisely what drives our style team in their day-to-day job: detecting key trends, inspiring our designers and guiding our merchandising teams in our four major markets (France, Spain, Italy and Germany). The stylist job is a tough and highly risky job. By detecting colors and putting products together, Color Forecast in its way succeeds to combine a piece of stylism and another of merchandising. Happiness Brussels did it very user-friendly and with the creative, fresh and colorful way of Pimkie. And because it is digital, it is real time too!"

Pimkie will launch an iPhone app in mid-April 2012.

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