Halo - Self-closing Guitar Wall Hanger

Halo: Self-closing Guitar Wall Hanger

Created and designed by RKS for distribution by Fender Musical Instruments, Halo is an innovative gravity-driven self-closing guitar wall hanger that introduces a radical departure from competitors and features an iconic rounded configuration. It is a minimalist and appropriate solution for any room, which softly and securely cradles instruments away from the wall and off the floor.

Halo provides an attractive architectural visual that compliments a wide variety of tastes, conceals mounting screws, and permits guitars to be removed and returned easily, effortlessly, in seconds. It improves the user experience, better protects guitar's body and finishes, and enhances display by presenting the instrument as a work of art.

Halo's creators were driven to provide the perfect harmony, in any room or venue, so musicians can easily jam yet have their beloved instrument displayed appropriately and safely. The resulting self-closing guitar wall hanger has an innovative design and features transparent polycarbonate gates that remain hidden inside pockets, until activated by the weight of the guitar. The metal bracket is a further design departure, replacing the usual varnished wood with a thin architectural blade yielding a more sculptural yet unobtrusive approach. Mounting screws are now covered by a removable plate.

"Musicians enjoy seeing their guitars as beautiful artwork and statements about their passion and connection to music. However, many have commented that hangers should be as good looking and cool as their guitars," explained Eric A. Spitzer, Sr. Vice President, Distributed Products and Accessories, Fender Musical Instruments. "Fender wanted a new, distinctive and inexpensive approach that competed in a crowded market by offering artists a fresh and sophisticated alternative. The result is Halo, an angelic addition to any musician's home, studio or gallery!"

Halo's rounded non-metallic construction instantly conveys 'guitar friendly,' while the closing gates and TPE over- molded hyper-flex fingers secure guitars and protect their finishes. The hanger installs in minutes and can typically use the same holes as its predecessor, which speeds and simplifies upgrading.

Initially available in black, Halo has a MSRP of $39.99 and will soon be available in white and other exciting colors and finishes.