Publish Powered by Blurb - Blurb and Consolidated Graphics (CGX) Deliver Integrated Print-on-Demand Workflow

Publish Powered by Blurb: Blurb and Consolidated Graphics (CGX) Deliver Integrated Print-on-Demand Workflow

Consolidated Graphics and Blurb today announced a partnership to enable businesses to create custom publications from a simple yet powerful design-to-print workflow powered by Blurb.

The new service, named Publish, utilizes a free Adobe InDesign plug-in that allows businesses to extend the use of their preferred design software to become an end-to-end print workflow solution for high-quality publications.

he plug-in includes templates for four cover formats, five paper types, and eight trim sizes - including Blurb's all-new 8.5x11 size, which is exclusive to Publish.

Publish also enables designers to complete their projects up to 75% faster using Blurb's custom proofing tools, automated pre-flight checks, and the ability to order via credit card from within the interface.

By allowing orders of a single unit and higher, Publish provides a cost effective solution for smaller volume projects that require rich production values such as client pitches and presentations, highly customized brochures, commemorative publications, look books, corporate capabilities pieces, portfolios, product or exhibition catalogs and other limited edition corporate collateral.

Businesses have a growing need for smaller, custom print runs to service specific needs on more immediate deadlines. Publish serves this need by delivering high-quality publications using the industry's only digital print-on-demand workflow with independent color management in as little as seven days.