TATE Modern - Redefining Museum Retail

TATE Modern: Redefining Museum Retail

UXUS was appointed by Tate Enterprises to develop the strategy and design of the retail spaces for the renovation of the Tate Modern in London by Herzog & Meuron.

A test store launched in conjunction with the Damien Hirst retrospective exhibition is a pop-up experience created to showcase the collection of exhibition products for both the artist and Tate Modern.

"UXUS is thrilled to have collaborated with Tate Modern in the creation of the retail experience for the Damien Hirst retrospective," stated George Gottl, UXUS Creative Director. "The shop showcases Damien Hirst artist products as well the Tate retail offering. Our challenge was to balance the needs of the retail experience with the aesthetic considerations of the artist and the industrial heritage of the museum space. The result, was a simple yet bold set of elements that eco Hirst's pseudo scientific artistic signature and early 20th century architectural modernism of the Tate."

In line with the richly diverse requirements of the museum's consumer market, visitors are taken through a journey of products inspired by Damien Hirst's two decades of practice. The transforming Tate Modern project responds to the developing visitor needs within the expanded retail shops providing a greater opportunity to offer an increased and diverse range of the museum's merchandise.

The highly adaptable concept was strategically developed by UXUS to inspire and educate visitors while creating high visibility for the museum's rich retail assortment. The modular elements provide full flexibility and scalability, encouraging visitors to explore and discover the museum's merchandise.

Photography: Dim Balsem


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