BRAVOS - Groundbreaking Spanish Design

BRAVOS: Groundbreaking Spanish Design

With an important design history including Gaudi, Dali, Ricard, Mila, Tusquets, and Mariscal, the 21st century has unravelled a new generation of Spanish designers.

Curated by Juli Capella, BRAVOS offers Canadians the opportunity to experience the most innovative product design from the Spanish Design Boom.

The exhibition will feature 21 of the most talented and successful artists and designers who are set to trail blaze the future of Spanish design.

From internationally renowned designers Jaime Hayon, Patricia Urquiola, and Martin Azua, to young experimentalists Curro Claret and Nacho Carbonell, the Design Exchange will host BRAVOS on its Historic Trading Floor from August 8 through 23.

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