Frog Design Mind Issue 9 - Passion

Frog Design Mind Issue 9: Passion

The latest issue of Design Mind magazine, award-winning publication of global innovation firm frog, is out. The ninth issue, "Passion," explores the subjects, materials, concepts, and ideas that inspire and motivate us with original articles, poster-sized infographics, and interviews with technology and cultural luminaries. These range from the quest to balance work and life interests, to understanding the aesthetics of ugliness, to exploring how fashion relates to invention, to coping with a devastating personal health crisis, to helping our cities evolve and improve, to discovering what communities have high rates of innovation-and more.

This issue was written, designed, and produced by frog's designers, strategists, and technologists, with special contributors to this issue including innovation expert and thought leader John Hagel and cognitive psychologist Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman.

The magazine features a rare behind-the-scenes look at what ideas motivate and inspire frog's creative directors, innovation experts, engineers, and designers, from a very personal angle-and how these passions relate to and inform frog's award-winning work for the world's leading companies, including Disney, GE, Microsoft, MTV, Intel, and numerous other Fortune 500 brands.

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