Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concepts

Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concepts

The red dot institute published "the red dot design ranking for design concepts," an index of the top 15 companies, design studios and universities by region. Released for the first time, the index is a compilation of the the last five years of the red dot: design concept competition.

download: Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concepts.pdf (217k)

The ranking is computed using a weighted formula considering the cumulative number and classes of awards received over five years with a strong emphasis on recency and thus on innovation. Emami Design topped the chart in design studios category, and ZTE Corporation took the first place in companies list.

"This ranking tracks and measures the success of an enterprise in producing exciting new design concepts over a period of time. It is a good reflection of real sustainable design innovation capability of an organization," commented Professor Dr. Peter Zec, red dot initiator and president. "It gives these companies and institutions the recognition that they deserve and encouragement toward their continued investment in design."

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