Allsteel Clarity Seating Series - Designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Allsteel Clarity Seating Series: Designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

The New Clarity Series, consisting of light task, guest and lounge seating, represents a first-time collaboration for Allsteel with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Clarity is the distillation of form and function into the simplest, purest possible design. The aesthetic is restrained, allowing the functionality to become the focus, yet it is emphatically, intuitively, and instantly comfortable. Clarity works anywhere it goes-it's timeless, adaptable and versatile, with a wide range of potential applications, from lobby and lounge to conference room, collaborative space, workstation or private office. It's a look, as well, that transcends any type of interior space.

A Design Through Reduction
The outcome of a strategic "design through reduction" philosophy, Clarity's visual simplicity belies its hardworking nature. Its weight-activated synchro-tilt mechanism is discreetly integrated into the frame of the chair to deliver comfort without requiring conscious effort. A single lever for adjusting the height on the task chair is the only control to be found. A continuous mesh panel forms both the seat and back in one uninterrupted surface to create a breathable, lightweight design statement that also delivers uncompromising comfort.

"We recognized the need for seating that balances simplicity and flexibility to support active collaboration in today's offices," said Patrick McEneany, Creative Director, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. "Rather than distract the user with unnecessary features and controls, we focused on refining a few essential elements to create a clean, intuitive and timeless solution. That's what Clarity is."

In addressing "the way people work today," the design team incorporated several very purposeful details. Among them, Clarity anticipates multiple postures. Side-sitting for informal collaboration is unaffected by the precise positioning of the arms at a level that doesn't interfere. The subtle waterfall design at the top edge of the back is a deliberate treatment aiding comfortable over-the-shoulder conversations.

An optional upholstered "jacket" that slip covers both the back and seat is offered, providing distinctive options for the chair to take on a more tailored appearance. Also available is a range of both bold and muted mesh colors, along with a broad palette of finishes.

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