OrthoGraph Architect 3D for iPad

OrthoGraph Architect 3D for iPad

OrthoGraph has recently released the 3D version of its professional building survey software for tablets.

OrthoGraph Architect 3D is designed for on-site surveying of flats, houses, and apartments on an iPad. The app enables the on-site drawing of the floor-plan of any real estate (including land plots, buildings, rooms etc.) in an easy, fast and accurate way. The unique support of BIM data lets users store parametric data or photos with nearly all graphical elements like walls, furniture or equipment.

The new version of OrthoGraph has an extended object library, new PDF export format, and the new e-mail export channel besides the former Dropbox integration. You can now select specific wall and floor materials, and everything can be seen in 3D instantly by switching between the floor plan and 3D view on the spot.

Another unique feature is the use of blueprints and point cloud data as a background to the drawings. Based on PointCab's preprocessed LSE format, it is easy to use point cloud data to create extremely accurate floor plans rapidly that can be further transferred to several CAD applications.

The PDF output is a room-book starting with a summary section of the floor plan, main data and sections for each location including the floor plan of the relevant room, its properties, and the object inventory contained.