Brad Tucker Joins Shilo as Creative Director/Director

Brad Tucker Joins Shilo as Creative Director/Director

Shilo added Brad Tucker to its roster as creative director and director. Brad joins Shilo from Stardust Studios, where he began in 2003 as an art director and has served as creative director since 2007.

"Like Shilo, Brad's got a great design aesthetic," commented Arthur Portnoy, Shilo's executive producer. "His work is artful, appealing and fun. He is also very skilled at directing talent and integrating live-action with design elements, CG and visual effects."

"Brad comes from a design background, similar to the other directors and creative directors at Shilo... but much of his work has a somewhat different tonality than ours," explained Jose Gomez, Shilo's owner and director. "By adding Brad, we can offer a great range styles, techniques and tonality, and this will produce a wider range of opportunities for all our CDs and directors. In essence, we expect Brad's unique talents will contribute a lot to Shilo's creative growth."

After finishing his BFA in Graphic Design at the California Institute of the Arts in 2002, Brad's reputation as a stellar artist began to soar through his contributions to major projects for Buck, Brand New School, Logan, Stardust and others. His groundbreaking design work brought him a 2002 Adobe Design Achievement Award, and in 2003, he accepted the first staff art director position at Stardust. A year later, he was promoted to design director, and in 2007 he became creative director for Stardust LA. Since that time, Brad's directorial assignments for Anheuser-Busch, Dodge, Icebreakers, MAC Cosmetics, Panasonic, Pontiac, RadioShack, and Target among many others have drawn equally upon his live-action directing as well as his design, animation and visual effects expertise. His work has also earned global editorial exposure, including the editors of Shots Magazine naming him a "New Director to Watch" in 2007. Brad also continues to teach Motion Design at CalArts.

"At Stardust I worked closely with the very talented Jake Banks who really mentored me and helped me get where I am today," Brad said. "Meanwhile, I've known about Shilo for a long time: They have a great body of work that is high in production value, and their live-action work is also second-to-none. I hope to continue strengthening these aspects of Shilo's brand while bringing my own personal flare to things. I want to push my work into more filmic live-action experiences, while still maintaining the graphic thinking behind the spots. I expect great things to come out of this relationship."

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