Amanda Ip Wins Live/Work Design Contest with Innermix Desk

Amanda Ip Wins Live/Work Design Contest with Innermix Desk

Dwell on Design and Design Within Reach unveiled the winner of the Live/Work Design Contest, Chicago-based designer Amanda Ip. The contest challenged designers to come up with a new home-office solution that would meet the demands of form and function and could potentially be manufactured and sold by DWR. Amanda Ip's winning design, Innermix Desk, offers a large workspace and simple storage solutions that together create a clean, organized work area that is fun and modern.

DWR CEO John Edelman, Contest Winner Amanda Ip, Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron

The Innermix Desk incorporates playful hanging metal storage compartments into a wood desktop supported by steel tube legs to keep the workspace organized. Open storage is sized for files, pens/pencils, small office items and books/small computer. Concealed storage lifts from the side and hides all the things you don't want in sight. Concealed gas hinge allows for soft close. High back crossbar lets you work while having your feet up.

"It's awesome to get a piece done, to know that it will go into production, to know that something I've designed will be made," said Amanda Ip. "I thought about how I like to work. I'm usually generally super organized, and maybe a little OCD, so I basically wanted to create something really simple. I think a lot of times, designs are over thought, and they don't end up functioning well. In the end, it needed to be simple and clean, while also allowing you to work well and be organized in your workspace."

Amanda Ip

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