Beauty Workshop - Selfridges Invites UXUS to Redesign Their Beauty Retail Experience

Beauty Workshop: Selfridges Invites UXUS to Redesign Their Beauty Retail Experience

Award-winning agency, UXUS, has collaborated with Selfridges to design a new retail beauty experience for the iconic department store on Oxford Street. Selfridges' ambition was to redefine the shopping experience and create a beauty playground combining and contrasting the best in cosmetics and beauty services. The challenge was to develop a new beauty area that focused on delivering the best customer experience and reinforced Selfridges' philosophy of "shopping for fun."

The result is the groundbreaking concept of the Beauty Workshop, a place where styles are contrasted and fused together; high meets low and edgy meets mainstream. The Beauty Workshop breaks away from the standardized brand- driven approach to beauty and instead focuses on customers' needs, giving them full freedom to explore and play with their personal style.

To bring the idea to life, UXUS divided the area into four main beauty zones - Skin, Body, Hair and Color. Generic and branded spaces are combined to create an easily navigable and adaptable environment that stimulates discovery and customer interaction. The routing through the space emphasizes the services on offer, inviting shoppers to experiment, try new looks and find out what's trending.

Modular walls and floor fixtures, backlit pegboards and tiered displays provide full-flexibility for compelling brand presentations and emphasize the ever-changing nature of the space. UXUS chose neutral clean colors to highlight the brands and pop colors to accentuate specific elements. A combination of stained ash and Corian was used for walls and floor fixtures, creating texture and contrast. The walkways are defined with quirky colored resin dots that offer an intuitive way to navigate the space.

The "workshop" layout creates an informal and uplifting atmosphere encouraging experimentation and trial. Through an intelligent juxtaposition of best products and services, the Beauty Workshop delivers a personalized experience that can be tailored to the customer's specific style aspirations and needs.


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