Visual Creatures and Parker and the Numberman Entice Snapdragon Tech with Colorful Verse

Visual Creatures and Parker & the Numberman Entice Snapdragon Tech with Colorful Verse

Visual Creatures and the newly launched commercial production division of Funny or Die, Gifted Youth, created a zany world in desperate need of Snapdragon processors in the 3:00 music video "Shoulda Shoulda Got A Snapdragon" for Qualcomm. The video takes a vibrant journey of cell phone mishaps leaving the rap group, Parker & The Numberman, to deliver its catchy hook, "Shoulda Shoulda got a snapdragon."

Editor Doobie White of Therapy Studios collaborated with Visual Creatures to craft the animated video that features a robot, dancers, and rap duo Parker & The Numberman. The Creatures modeled and designed the digital sets prior to shooting so that the camera angels could be easily communicated to the DOP Eric Haas and so the wardrobe stylist Melissa Gould could design the outfits to compliment the color palates of the sets.

The talent was shot entirely on green screen with tracking media to aid in the extensive tracking and animation process that all had to be completed in the very tight two week schedule. Working with only the furniture as practical elements, the Visual Creatures team built the virtual environments that transport the energetic rappers into a colorful alternate reality. The Creatures focused on keeping the aesthetics of the video relevant to draw in youth culture.

"The image of hip-hop is changing-it's not just about cars and money anymore," noted Visual Creatures Director Ryan McNeely. "I wanted the video to feel colorful, vibrant and cartoonish to reflect this movement."