Vivienne Westwood - This is Britain

Vivienne Westwood: This is Britain

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood appears in a brand new film to talk about two paintings which capture her vision of London. The film is part of the This is Britain campaign promoting the free collections displays at Tate Britain.

In an intimate interview, Vivienne discusses the work of the artists Frank Auerbach and JM Whistler who drew inspiration from scenes of London and the River Thames. These artists have a personal significance to her and she speaks about how the museums and galleries of London have been a constant source of inspiration throughout her life.

The paintings featured in the film are Frank Auerbach's 'Oxford Street Building Site' (1959/60) and JM Whistler's 'Nocturne: Blue and Silver - Cremorne Lights' (1872) which are part of the BP British Art Displays at Tate Britain.

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