Bayamo - A Purpose-built Machine for Time Trial Athletes by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

Bayamo: A Purpose-built Machine for Time Trial Athletes by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

NeilPryde Bikes unveiled Bayamo and Bayamo+, the third line of frames created through the ongoing partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA's team in Asia. Bayamo joins the Alize and Diablo high performance road bikes that were launched to high acclaim in 2010. The new model shares its name with a fierce Caribbean coastal wind, referencing both NeilPryde's roots in sailing and windsurfing.

"DesignworksUSA drew upon NeilPryde's legendary sense of adventure and competition in marine sports to help create their first bikes, the Alize and Diablo", commented Laurenz Schaffer, President BMW Group DesignworksUSA. "Now Bayamo adds a time trial athlete to the growing product family, bringing NeilPryde Bikes' design DNA together with cutting edge approaches to achieve light weight, high strength and wind-cheating aerodynamics."

High-modulus, unidirectional C6.7 carbon fiber comprises the Bayamo's frame, providing an incredibly strong yet extremely lightweight foundation for the bike. This dichotomy is echoed by the frame's profile, which appears substantial and flat from the side yet thin and light when viewed from the front or rear. Aerodynamic efficiency is critical for the time-trial cyclist, and NeilPryde's computational fluid dynamic analysis and wind tunnel testing shaped the character lines along the Bayamo's frame together with its distinct "Kamm" tail at the rear.

All drivetrain and shifting cables are routed internally within the frame, further advancing both the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the Bayamo. While the unique and elegant dropout mechanism, exclusive to Bayamo, enables precise positioning of the rear wheel. DesignworksUSA has also created the graphics package for Bayamo.

For improved aerodynamics and added comfort, Bayamo+ introduces NeilPryde Bikes' exclusive and proprietary QFit stem design that is adjustable for height and ride angle. By creating the ideal rider position, together with an exceptionally stiff bottom bracket where the cranks and pedals meet the frame, Bayamo+ ensures that the rider's energy is transmitted with maximum efficiency and power.

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