Millimeter - Fred and Farid's Brand New Audi Campaign

Millimeter: Fred & Farid's Brand New Audi Campaign

The "Millimeter" campaign - conceived, designed and produced by Fred & Farid - celebrates Audi perfection by depicting the immensity of the human and material investment behind a single Audi millimeter.

The new ad for the Audi A1 shows each engineer's obsession with detail, the search for excellence working on each millimeter and the meticulous nature of the result making the red of an Audi rear light visible at a distance of 1 kilometer and recognisable from all the others at a distance of 200 metres. So, each micro detail of an Audi expresses the expertise, the knowledge and the passion of the Ingolstadt manufacturer to guarantee a decisive technological advantage for its customers.

Following a brief early in the year, this campaign has come together over 4 months of continuous exchanges with the engineers and designers at the Audi head office to define and precisely quantify the work involved in this millimeter. A 'truth' concept in which each statement is scientific, technological and real.

"We wanted to show the Vorsprung durch Technik and the spirit that motivates it through the precision work and the high standards of our engineers on one of Audi's emblematic components, the lights; thus proving the quality of our cars," commented Marc-Andreas Brinkmann, Marketing Director of Audi France.