SymmetryMill - Artlandia Launches Web Application for Pattern Design

SymmetryMill: Artlandia Launches Web Application for Pattern Design

Artlandia SymmetryMill is a new web application for making and sharing repeating patterns. The application extends the pattern design arsenal with the latest, exceptionally easy-to-use tools for a wide audience ranging from fine artists and surface, textile, stationery, web, and other designers, to hobbyists and high school students.

The new application creates seamless repeating patterns of all seventeen mathematically possible symmetry types from essentially any JPG, PNG, or GIFF image.

The built-in blending algorithms ensure the creation of seamless patterns even when the result may otherwise show visible boundaries between pattern motifs.

The standard color adjustment filters and the sharpen and blur filters modify the patterns in place.

Viewing saved pattern snapshots automatically executes the exact recipes for creating the patterns and sets the appropriate values of all SymmetryMill controls.


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