Where Will the Internet of Things Take Service Design?

Where Will the Internet of Things Take Service Design?

The way digital products and services are integrated into our daily lives is evolving. The Internet of Things blurs the line between bits and atoms, making the distinction between the Internet and the real world harder to define.

This is signaling the arrival of a hyper-connected world that will change the way we live, work, and socialize. In a future of smart systems, will service design be the key to unlocking the Internet of Things?

Fjord and IxDA New York is holding a discussion on how design will evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities of this new environment. The event will be moderated by Cliff Kuang, Senior Editor of Fast Company and Founding Editor of Co.Design. Spaces are limited.


Steven Dean Partner, Prehype. Adjunct Faculty, NYU/ITP.
Rob Faludi Collaborative Strategy Leader, R&D, Digi International. Professor, ITP/SVA.
Scher Foord Director of Design, Conde Nast.
Tim Queenan Director of Strategy, Google Creative Lab.
Rachel Ramoni Executive Director, Harvard Medical School.
Jacob Styburski VP Customer Experience, Amex Serve.
Philippe Von Borries Founder and CEO, Refinery29.