Archer and Buchanan's Cattail Fence Wins Design Award

Archer & Buchanan's Cattail Fence Wins Design Award

Archer & Buchanan Architecture has recently honored by the Society of American Registered Architects, Pennsylvania Council for a sculptural fence. The fence, made of three hundred, 10-foot steel blades set upright 8 inches apart, was designed for a home in Berwyn, Pennsylvania as a yard sculpture that also keeps deer out.

"The fence design was inspired by the house that it surrounds, which we designed in 2002," said Peter Archer, AIA, of Archer & Buchanan. "The fence weaves through the property, appearing solid or reed thin depending upon the perspective."

Made of COR-TEN, a steel alloy that eliminates the need for painting and maintains a rich, dark rust color without corroding, the fence stanchions were cut with a plasma cutter from sheets of the alloy. Gate stanchions were cut and then welded to solid machined steel bars. Rising like wetland plants, the simple, elegant fence was dubbed "COR-TEN Cattails" by the design firm.

"Each blade stands 8 feet above grade, set in concrete 3 feet below, weighs 80-90 pounds and is 5/8 inch thick," explained Christopher Olstein, Archer & Buchanan project manager. "The profile of the blades is an irregular trapezoid with no horizontal connections or supports. Only the gate has two horizontal bars, and each leaf weighs 1200 pounds."

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