OS Pixadores - Ben Newman Directs Short for ASOS Black X Puma

OS Pixadores: Ben Newman Directs Short for ASOS Black X Puma

Pulse Films Director Ben Newman shot a thought-provoking film campaign to support the launch of ASOS' latest Autumn/Winter 2012 collaboration with Puma, the ASOS Black X Puma shoe.

Delving into the world of 'Pixacao,' a politically-driven graffiti movement in artistically booming Sao Paulo, Brazil, the film highlights the extreme measures these young artists go to to give themselves a voice and, above all, a purpose. Pixacao is an age-old theme - young people ignored by society finding ways to give voice to their concerns.

The stylized documentary plumbs the heart of Pixadores culture, unveiling the community and the creativity at the core of the crews. Ben spent a lot of time researching in the favelas and meeting with the artists. On several occasions the production team had to be rushed out as shootings, killings and violent disputes are regular occurrences.

With a combination of wall jumping, fearless acrobatics, scaling buildings and leaps onto moving trains to enhance their status as a member of their crew, the film captures the rebelliousness of the Pixadores, beyond the graffiti. The gangs use their art as a means of escaping the favelas, the documentary offers a rare glimpse into a hidden world that few outsiders been seen.

Newman spent time with both brands' creative departments, which resulted in a common understanding of the blind faith and committed direction of these young people. Their culture has an energy that fits well with Newman's approach to filmmaking, and represents how brands are taking bold steps to reflect the influence of youth cultures in the developing world.

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