Winners of the BE OPEN Awards 2012

Winners of the BE OPEN Awards 2012

BE OPEN has unveiled the winners of the BE OPEN Awards at 100% Design 2012.

The winner in the CAST category is Alexandra Kharakoz from the UK, with Sonic Landscape, an interactive, real-time, sonic sculpture designed to heighten awareness about how sound is produced.

First place in the CITY category goes to Chak Ming Sin from Hong Kong with the Evaporative Cooling Capillary, a sustainable method of regulating building temperature through natural cooling, inspired by the structure of a termite mound.

And the winner in the FORM category is Bernier Samuel from Canada with Project RE_, a transforming and upgrading of objects reaching the end of their useful life.

"The reason I am fascinated in design is that it has the potential to change the world around us, for the better!" commented Elena Baturina, founder of BE OPEN. "These winning works are fascinating examples on improving on what we have and I am delighted that we are able to give them a worldwide platform through BE OPEN."

The winners were selected from over 300 entries from 47 countries. Projects were selected that showed strong creative thinking, with the potential to become must-have designs for the future.

"The submissions revealed an impressive mixture of courage and vision, ambition verging on the impossible, tempered with just the right amount of practicality," said Patricia Urquiola, Chair of the judges, designer and architect.

"Proposals seem to be guided by intuition and perception of demands on a local and national level, rather than an egoistic exercise. We made decisions based on the consistency of the idea, its presentation and practicability, rather than its timescale for development."