Brandimage Created the New Design for Air France's Homepage

Brandimage Created the New Design for Air France's Homepage

Brandimage has recently created the new homepage for Air France's public website - the airline's first point of contact with 150 million visits per year. The goal was to enrich the user experience by combining functional and image objectives. With a visual centerpiece that communicates Air France's vision of travel covering 2/3s of the page and an even more intuitive access to the booking engine, the new homepage meets all these expectations.

Since 2000, Brandimage has accompanied Air France in managing its digital image by regularly refreshing the website's design and other digital media: social networks, iPhone and iPad apps. Leading up to the current homepage redesign, a new graphic system, coherent with the brand's offline image, was implemented for the site's headers as well as a full overhaul of forms and promotions pages.

Brandimage designed a lighter more modern homepage that promotes Air France's vision of travel while optimizing functionality. The large destination visuals, chosen with care for the center of the homepage, immerse visitors in the company's world: serenity, purity... the sky is the focal point inspiring new journeys.

To adapt to technological evolutions and to offer the growing number of online visitor/purchasers an optimal user experience, Brandimage improved the booking engine's design. To accompany visitors from discovery to purchase, with simplicity and as few clicks as possible, attention was paid to each detail and the colors and graphics were reworked to make the reservation process even more intuitive.

The new homepage enhances Air France's image by highlighting its offerings and facilitating reservations, encouraging the Air France brand's status as a "destination brand." The idea is to create impact by selling dream destinations whose promise is a voyage.


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