Theme Group Interviews Timothy Jacob Jensen

Theme Group Interviews Timothy Jacob Jensen

In an exclusive interview with Theme Group, Jacob Jensen CEO Timothy Jacob Jensen discusses democracy's effect on design, the benefits (or not) of market research, and the desire to improve everything they can.

As a company, Jacob Jensen has designed over 700 products including stereos, dentists tools, kitchens and classy coffins, won over 100 design awards and had 19 products listed in New York's Museum of Modern Art.

But whatever the industry, and no matter what awards they may pick up along the way, Timothy insists the same thing goes into every piece - emotion.

"I guess there are two main form languages in the world right now. One is Apple, and with that is Audi, Dieter Rams, Braun if you know your design history. Then the other is what came out of the international style in the 20s and 30s from the US in the architectural world, and my dad for some reason picked this up and turned it into product design.

What we've done here for 54 years is we've found a tune that we like and other people like and we're still playing those instruments. With new technology arriving it gives you more freedom but that clear, cool look is just in our genes."

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