Images 36 - Best of British Illustration Award Winners

Images 36: Best of British Illustration Award Winners

The Association of Illustrators has unveiled the winners of Images 36: Best of British Illustration competition at a special award ceremony at Somerset House. This year the awards attracted over 1500 entries.

The Images 36 exhibition is currently showing at Somerset House through October 28, before going on tour.

Advertising Category

Gold Award - Ruth Hydes for 'Smithfield Market'
Silver Award - Steve Simpson for 'Winter Wonderland'
Bronze Award - Andy Smith for 'The Big Fish Fight'

Books Category

Gold Award - Rod Hunt for 'Looking For Transwonderland Adventures In Nigeria' Silver Award - Jonathan Burton for 'Lucky Jim'
Bronze Award - Brian Grimwood for 'Jessica D'este'

Children's Books Category

Gold Award - Richard Johnson for 'The Wild Wood'
Silver Award - Kristyna Litten for 'Returning Spring'
Bronze Award - Adam Graff for 'Toy Hospital'

Design Category

Gold Award - Lizzie Mary Cullen for 'Lightwells at Somerset House'
Silver Award - Barry Croucher for 'Hadrian's Wall'
Bronze Award - Andy Smith for 'Finish What You Start'

Editorial Category

Gold Award - Stephen Collins for 'Crabs'
Silver Award - Stuart McReath for 'Ofsted Narrows The Gap'
Bronze Award - Daniel Pudles for 'Songwriter Shot Dead'

New Media Awards

Gold Award - Steve May for 'Anger'

Self Promotion Awards

Gold Award - Olaf Hajek for 'African Beauty'
Silver Award - Nicola Robinson for 'Downtown'
Bronze Award - Louise Weir for 'Afternoon Nap'

New Talent Category

Gold Award - Emma Haines for 'Gallop'
Silver Award - Artemis Evlogimenou for 'First Day On A Spaceship'
Bronze Award - Lauren Gentry for 'Running on Time'

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