Ammunition Raises the Bar in Tablet Design With New NOOK HD and NOOK HD+

Ammunition Raises the Bar in Tablet Design With New NOOK HD and NOOK HD+

Last week, Barnes & Noble unveiled the new 7-inch NOOK HD and the 9-inch NOOK HD+ designed by Ammunition.

Ammunition has been a design collaborator with Barnes & Noble from the very first NOOK e-Reader more than three years ago, and has been an instrumental partner in developing NOOK products, including the new tablets and the award-winning NOOK Simple Touch.

"From the beginning, we knew design would be key to breaking into the e-Reader market," commented Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition and the creative lead for the NOOK design efforts. "With Barnes & Noble's long history of providing customers with an array of reading and entertainment content, we believed the company could lead the market in terms of user experience and design."

Ammunition has worked closely with Barnes & Noble to develop the designs, collaborating closely with the NOOK development team to bring them to market.

"From our very first NOOK we designed with Robert and Ammunition, our aim has been to build the most elegant, highest quality reading products on the market," stated William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble. "Our latest tablets, NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ are great examples of the kind of intuitive, ergonomic designs that have helped make NOOK so highly rated with millions of customers.

The NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ have entered the tablet arena with a compelling story to tell, making them instant contenders for the heavyweight, or more appropriately, lightweight title. "Our experience in developing dedicated e-Readers has served us greatly," said Brunner. "Working with Barnes & Noble, our emphasis has always been around making the product feel great for users to hold and use for hours at a time. This experience has sharpened our focus on size, weight, balance and form, and the NOOK HD and HD+ are the latest and best examples of our expertise in this area."

With vibrant, high-resolution displays, lighter weight, comfortable feel and unique design characteristics, NOOK and NOOK HD+ shine brighter than the competition. "When it comes to the idea of design in the tablet space, most companies seem to think the world ends with a rectangular piece of glass with rounded corners", added Brunner. "We think there are more opportunities for expression in terms of form, detail and construction, and we've demonstrate this with the new NOOK HD products."


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