Lyft Amp - An Evolution of the Glowstache

Lyft Amp: An Evolution of the Glowstache

Lyft has today unveiled the new Amp, a connected in-car emblem that enhances the Lyft ride experience. Designed by Ammunition, Amp is an evolution of the Glowstache, and connects to the Lyft app to offer personalization, identification and localization to both riders and drivers.

Designed to enhance the future of driver/rider communication, Amp transcends simple car signage to make every ride better. Sitting in the middle of the dash, the magic comes from the lighting - one of Ammunition's biggest design challenges to get the state changes and subtle magenta glow right. The Amp's exterior screen changes colors at pick-up so passengers can easily identify their driver, and are customizable for events such as holidays or game days.

Ammunition designed the Amp as a playful expression of the Lyft brand that creates an emotional connection with drivers and passengers.


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