Bloggers' Night In - Phoenix Dresses to Impress for Glamour and Sperry Shoes

Bloggers' Night In: Phoenix Dresses to Impress for Glamour and Sperry Shoes

Phoenix recently swung into the fall fashion season by conceiving and creating a Web spot for Sperry Shoes and Glamour starring noted fashion bloggers Christina Caradona and Arielle Nachmani.

Following the stylish bloggers as they rifle through a pile of outfits in preparation for a double date, the high energy spot combines clever editing and a uniquely New York setting to spotlight the wide variety of Sperry's varied footwear.

Bloggers Night In

Handling all elements of production and post for the 1:30 short film, Phoenix completed scouting, story design, VFX, titles, editing, and color correction.

"Phoenix excels at this sort of branded content, which places our clients in a natural, appealing setting," stated Phoenix Founder/EP, Chris Phoenix. "We understand this market extremely well, and have the resources to create meaningful, wide-reaching campaigns from concept to completion."

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