Starforce Battlement - Autodesk Releases Proof-of-Concept Game

Starforce Battlement: Autodesk Releases Proof-of-Concept Game

Starforce Battlement is a new 2D mobile tower defense game developed by the Autodesk Gameware team using the Autodesk Scaleform Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) and Autodesk 3ds Max software. Created as a proof-of-concept game, "Starforce Battlement" is an engrossing mobile experience that demonstrates the latest capabilities of the Scaleform Mobile SDK.

Starforce Battlement is available today on iOS as a free iPad download and will be available on Android devices this year. The game and all its assets, including the FMOD sound engine, are also provided to customers who purchase a Scaleform Mobile SDK license.

Leveraging 3ds Max and the Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk created high-quality models, animations, and level environments for "Starforce Battlement." The team then tapped Autodesk Scaleform Mobile SDK -- a standalone runtime solution with cross-platform, hardware accelerated vector graphics capabilities -- to launch the game. Key Scaleform Mobile SDK features used to create the game include: support for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 and native C++ APIs; aliased vector graphics rendering; accelerated compilation; included FMOD license for audio support and a smaller memory footprint.