SEGD Global Design Awards 2013

SEGD Global Design Awards 2013

The Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) has launched its 26th annual Global Design Awards Program. The Awards recognizes the best in visual communications for the built environment.

Established in 1987 to honor excellence in environmental graphic design, the program demonstrates how design can enrich and transform the built world. Past winners have represented a wide range of project types, from complex hospital and urban wayfinding systems to museum and theme park exhibitions, public art, dynamic media installations, and branded, corporate, and retail environments. In 2012, the program attracted more than 400 entries from 30 countries.

Environmental graphic design is increasingly cross-disciplinary, often created by collaborative teams working to activate and organize the places where people live, work, play, gather, and learn.

"It may be called by different names, but everywhere you look, EGD is being used to inform, engage, and inspire people in public spaces," commented Joe Zenas, CEO and Principal of experiential design company Thinkwell Group and Chair of the 2013 SEGD Global Design Awards Program. "Whether it's directional information in a transit station, a branded environment for a corporation, or a blockbuster exhibition, EGD improves the quality of life by making public spaces more memorable and experiential."

Winners of the 2013 SEGD Global Design Awards will be announced at the 2013 SEGD Conference June 6-8 in San Francisco and will be featured on the SEGD website and in its award-winning eg magazine.

The deadline for entries is January 31, 2013, with a late deadline of February 14, 2013.


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