RKS Wins Three Spark Awards for Break-Through Design in Healthcare, Gaming and Audio

RKS Wins Three Spark Awards for Break-Through Design in Healthcare, Gaming and Audio

RKS has received three awards from the Spark competition: a Spark! for the revolutionary benchtop DNA sequencer Ion Proton, a bronze for the gaming tablet Wikipad and another bronze for the smart speakers Stagesource L3t.

"We at RKS are thrilled to receive the Spark! along with 2 bronzes for 2012," commented founder and CEO Ravi Sawhney. "Spark has become one of the most sought after recognitions of cutting-edge high quality design and we are extremely proud to be recognized."

Ion Proton is a revolution for the medical science field. A benchtop next-generation sequencer offering human, plant, and animal genome exome sequencing, Ion Proton democratizes understanding of DNA by dramatically lowering upfront and operational costs over predecessors. Lowering the sequencing of a person's genome to just $1000 in a few hours will be an important catalyst for many profound social impacts and change the world as we know it. Ion Proton is commercialized by Life Technologies.

Wikipad is the first ergonomically effective tablet control system suited for gamers. Wikipad easily switches between providing the rich handheld experience needed by gamers and functioning independently as a full-featured high speed android tablet. Carefully considering the weight of the tablet, balance, and prolonged gaming use, Wikipad provides the high levels of control, comfort and hectic feedback that gamers require. Working has never been easier and playing never so much fun.

The Line 6 StageSource L3t is a smart-speaker with situational awareness. It is a compact and yet extremely powerful 1,400 watt three-way powered loudspeaker that adjusts to sound amplification use. Infinitely scalable, by simply daisy chaining L3t's together, it can be used as a floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard and acoustic backline, or stadium system. The innovative electronics built into the speakers sense when there's more than one speaker connected and automatically adjusts system parameters, and also allows users to optimize sound variables through iPad controls.


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