Theme Group Interviews Stefan Sagmeister

Theme Group Interviews Stefan Sagmeister

Theme Group has recently interviewed Stefan Sagmeister as part of its Design Icons series.

The name Stefan Sagmeister conjures up different images for different people in the design world. For some, he is the mind behind some iconic album covers for music legends like the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed or the Talking Heads.

For others, he is known for turning his talents to a series of books - some by him (Things I have Learned In My Life So Far, Made You Look), some designed for others (numerous publications for the Guggenheim, several music books).

And for many, Stefan is the person who will quite literally put his body on the line in his designs - he appears with nothing on in numerous pieces of work, and famously allowed an intern to carve event information into him to advertise an AIGA show.

The reality is that he's all of the above and more. He has produced some hugely influential pieces of work across a range of media and presented talks on a variety of design topics.

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