FontBook Now Available for iPhone

FontBook Now Available for iPhone

FontShop International has released a new version of the award-winning FontBook app, compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone. The universal update is free for those who already own the iPad version.

The new features of the latest version includes list-views, editable sample-texts, search filters and an additional class for Non-Latin fonts.

"The iPad version is and remains a typographic atlas with lavish type samples that are meant to inspire you to browse, explore and play," commented Development Team Leader Jurgen Siebert in describing the focus of tablet version. "For the iPhone, we completely re-invented the FontBook navigation: now it's lean and mean, with list-views and new filters."

There are a number of new features that are only available on the iPhone version. These include editable custom texts for the rendered list-views, which now make it perfectly easy to compare fonts for corporate design jobs.

In tandem with the "favorites" list and the new additional filters (Class, Designer, Foundry, Year), it's easy to steer right to the desired typefaces. The new filters can even entice you to play an entertaining trivia game. In seconds, the FontBook can now find answers to questions like "How many foundries have published fonts by designer Christian Schwartz?" (six) or "Are there any script fonts from designer Adrian Frutiger?" (yes, three). With the help of the genre-lists, it's now easy to identify even typefaces used in printed matter.

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