8th Savannah Symposium - Modernities Across Time and Space

8th Savannah Symposium: Modernities Across Time and Space

The 8th Savannah Symposium, with a theme of 'Modernities Across Time and Space,' will take place at the SCAD Museum of Art on Feb. 7-9, 2013.

The event will focus on "modernities" in the broadest and most critical terms relating to architecture, landscape and the imagined environment.

Scholars from over a dozen countries will present more than 60 papers exploring topics ranging from the significance of the split-level house in mid-20th-century suburbanization to post-colonial reinterpretations of world architecture.

Some studies will focus on particular sites or examples of modern architecture, while others will interpret who determined the modernity, when and where it occurred, and how it was presented and promoted.

"This is the robust global symposium it is because of its topical theme underlying much of historical interpretation today," commented Daves Rossell, SCAD architectural history professor, who is serving as symposium co-director along with fellow SCAD architectural history professor Patrick Haughey.

"Through keynotes by two leading scholars and a rich diversity of shorter papers, as well as panel discussion and tours, we hope to uncover new interpretive angles through which to understand and appreciate our phenomenal built environment."

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