Pantone Releases Updated Fashion and Home Cotton Swatch Systems

Pantone Releases Updated Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Systems

Pantone has recently released the redesigned Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Library and Cotton Swatch Case, housed in limited edition packaging, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Both systems include all 2,100 Fashion + Home Colors that are consistently achievable and supported worldwide.

"We reimagined the new Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Library and Cotton Swatch Case based on feedback from our customers. We knew the new designs had to be stylish and elegant, while also being highly functional," commented Giovanni Marra, director of corporate marketing at Pantone.

"We made both products smaller and smarter so they are easier to work with whether in the office or at a client site. We also added elements to improve color visualization and selection. The new packaging protects swatches from potential damage. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we decorated the products in fun, jewel-toned hues to add a pop of color to any studio or office."

Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Library

The Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Library, housed within an intelligently designed and American-made wooden display, is a six binder set organized by color families that holds chromatically arranged swatch folders. Color families are easily identified by the color indicators on the binder spine, helping designers find the right color faster. Each swatch has a six-digit reference number for swatch manageability and a unique Pantone Color name chosen to convey and evoke feelings, emotions and meanings.

Each individual cotton swatch measures 2" x 2" and fits into its own numbered, die-cut pocket so that swatches are visible, but still protected against damage and wrinkling. Extra blank folders are included for palette creation, allowing designers to organize their colors for a season or product line.

Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Case

The Pantone Fashion + Home Cotton Swatch Case, a two volume set, includes groups of 10 1" x 2" cotton swatches stored in numbered and labeled envelopes for convenient storage, optimal color viewing and protection from wrinkling. Extra envelopes are also included for palette development and organization when working on a specific project. The case offers a stylish and mobile design, improving designer usability for in-the-moment inspiration, palette creation and presentations.