Cuningham Group Architecture Unveils New Los Angeles-Area Office

Cuningham Group Architecture Unveils New Los Angeles-Area Office

Cuningham Group Architecture has unveiled its new Los Angeles-Area office in the heart of Culver City's Hayden Tract commercial district. The new office, Hayden Place, which is targeted for LEED Gold certification, features a host of sustainable elements, including repurposed shipping containers, indoor and outdoor gardens, as well as ample daylighting, light sensors, trickle vents and other efficient energy systems.

"Our new office is the perfect reflection of Cuningham Group's culture," commented Principal Jonathan Watts, designer of Hayden Place. "Its open floorplan and high volume spaces are drenched with natural light. These not only foster a creative and collaborative work setting, they are essential elements of the building's energy-efficient systems and smart use of technology. Perfectly in line with Cuningham Group's championing of high-performance design and sustainable consciousness, our new office is further inspiration to our 50-person Los Angeles team to design innovatively and in ways that improve the built and natural environment, whenever possible."

The office building was converted from an existing warehouse, and is near the Ballona Creek bike path and the La Cienega/Jefferson and Culver City Expo Light Rail stops. The approximately 11,640-square-foot space features seven repurposed shipping containers that house private offices, servers and storage. Large expanses of glass and four skylights allow an abundance of natural light to suffuse the space, as does the floorplan which is largely free of interior walls. Trickle vents and carbon dioxide monitors allow fresh air to flow through the space and exit through exhaust vents on the opposite end of the building. Because of its natural ventilation system, adapted to the prevailing sea breezes that penetrate this Culver City setting, the building requires very little artificial heating or cooling.

Among the more dramatic components of Cuningham Group's redesign of the former warehouse are the large glass windows and doors at the entry and rear of the building. Visually connecting these two openings is a circular interior structure housing two conference rooms. The structure's wooden frame spans 60 feet and is composed of equally-sized wooden pieces that are arranged in a lamella pattern.

"This space houses two conference rooms, and its train-like shape is a thematic nod to the new Expo Rail that runs almost parallel to Hayden Place," said Watts. "This is one of the many features that create such an exciting vibe allowing our entire team to thrivehere."

An indoor, native-plant garden filters the office air and creates a connection with nature. In addition to the interior garden, a vegetable garden is planned for the office's "backyard," which borders a residential development. The office's kitchen encourages family-style meal time and gathering. There is also a gallery area to promote the sharing of creative ideas. The gallery - and the entire open floor area - also serves as a space for office meetings and client events.

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