The Picnic by Raw Edges for Kvadrat

The Picnic by Raw Edges for Kvadrat

Raw Edges has designed the Kvadrat stand for the Stockholm Furniture 2013. The Picnic features a massive wooden construction of Dinesen Douglas Fir and a textile installation consisting of 1,500 straps made out of a selection of twenty different Kvadrat textiles.

The designers envisioned recreating a picnic in an enchanted forest atmosphere. "Wooden cabin, soft roof tiles, fish skin and picnic under a weeping willow, all mixed in a massive pot with Kvadrat swatches," the duo explained. "Served within a commercial fair with our aspiration to create a bit of relaxing surreal situation but very warm welcoming."

The stand is build out of two main elements: the wooden structure and the textile straps hanging from the ceiling. The wooden structure functions as display for the Kvadrat swatches and corresponds with the appearance of a wooden cabin. Made from Douglas Fir from the Danish floor company Dinesen, the horizontal wooden panels have been angled in such a way so it can hold the textile samples allowing the visitors a closer look.

The impressive textile installation resembles vertical roof tiles and create a three dimensional volume. Functioning as a space divider it was inspired byweeping willow trees, creating an intimate space within the big exhibition hall.

Photos: Joel Tettamanti

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