Varoom 21 - The Illustration Report

Varoom 21: The Illustration Report

Varoom - The Illustration Report, goes in search of Rules to make or break.

Cover artist and character art star, Geneviève Gauckler tells us "I like using texture such as fur to compose the bodies of my babies."

Gauckler's work features in our story, the Picto-Prophets, a definitive essay by Lars Denicke and Peter Thaler, who have run the Pictoplasma festival for over 10 years.

They reveal how the emergence of character design helped users negotiate the then, unknown territories of the internet.

Ligaya Salazar looks at two Fashion illustrators who refuse to pander to "the unwritten rules of fashion illustration" while Jeremy Leslie addresses the new wave of children's magazines.

As usual, all of our highlighted work is broken down by the image-maker revealing a unique insight into the art and decision-making of contemporary, leading edge illustrators.

Marian Bantjes' centre-spread double-page image, exploring The Rules is as beautiful, provocative and collectible as ever, helping make Varoom the essential Spring read.

Illustration: Sabine Pieper


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