MINI Folding Bike Lime

MINI Folding Bike Lime

MINI's new folding bike brings a splash of colour to the streets and showcases a fascinating and versatile new way to get around. The eye-catching lime punch-coloured bike guarantees confidently stylish visibility on the roads and is perfectly suited for commuters.

The MINI Folding Bike Lime features a neon yellow frame that catches everyone's eye as the bike cruises around the city, an eight-speed shift system, 20-inch wheels and a clever folding mechanism. In a matter of seconds, users can fold the bike's crossbar and handlebar stem. They can also fold down the pedals and lower the seat, allowing this two-wheeled MINI to be effortlessly stowed away.

A further impressive feature is the air pump integrated into the saddle - always ready to use and yet well-hidden to avoid theft. Along with this comes a compact saddlebag for carrying tools, and the Teflon-coated, dirt-repellent chain is especially easy-care.

The bike also comes equipped with a comfortable gel saddle, a bell, and a pre-installed Klickfix adapter on the front wheel - all as standard. This allows easy attachment of accessories such as the bike bag.

The environmentally friendly MINI Bike Lights ensure good night-time vision. Integrated solar cells not only help protect our climate, but also provide battery power for up to seven hours.

With the MINI Bike iPhone Case, smartphones are always protected from rain and dirt. It fits to the handlebars and its touchscreen surface allows riders to use their phones whenever they need to. The protective cover is ideal for iPhone 4 and 4S models; an adapter is available for 3G and 3GS versions.

The MINI Folding Bike Lime and new bicycle accessories are available through the MINI Online Shop. The previous MINI Folding Bike model is also available in matt black. Its features are the same as the new version, but do not include the Klickfix adapter and saddle pump.

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